Bored on Sundays? Become a “Fantasy Football” Team Owner

During the NFL (National Football League) season, not only do the professional athletes themselves prepare, study opponents, and do as much as they can to get ready for the games every Sunday, but so do millions of people who participate in “Fantasy Football” leagues across the nation. The NFL is already the most popular of the professional sports in this country. Taking first place in television ratings to professional baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer as well. “Fantasy Football” is a phenomenon that literally allows the average fan to become an Owner, General Manager, and a Head Coach of their very own national football teams. “Fantasy Football” leagues are held in person with friends and office co-workers across the country, as well as online with millions of leagues and thousands of websites. With most of the leagues that are held in person, as opposed to the leagues online, theses leagues usually charge a predetermined amount of money to participate. The predetermined amount of money that is charged for each of the team owners will eventually go into the pocket of the team owner who ends up winning the entire “Fantasy Football” league season. There are sixteen regular games in an NFL season, so these “Fantasy Football” leagues, like the NFL, have play-offs as well that usually start in week thirteen or fourteen of the regular season. Which means that the last two teams standing in the league by week fifteen, will have their “Fantasy Superbowl” during week sixteen of the regular season.

These “Fantasy Football” leagues start before the regular season, usually around the end of August. They start by conducting a “draft” where each of the team owners select their team that they will start the regular season with. This is the team that the owners will compete with throughout the entire season. With the exception of the occasional trade or free agent pick-up, just like the regular NFL. Now, every “Fantasy Football” League is different, and has different set-ups with the number of players each team can carry as well as different point scoring systems, for example. The average “Fantasy Football” league allows each team to have a sixteen player roster, and can only start nine players on a week to week basis. The majority of the leagues out there, regardless if it is an online league or not, will only allow an owner to start one Quarterback, two Running Backs, one “utility” player (which is usually an extra Running Backบาคาร่า or Wide Receiver,) two Wide Receivers, one Tight End, one Defense / Special Teams, and one Kicker.

It’s very important for every team owner to stay up to date with their team and league due to injuries to players that occur throughout the season, as well as “bye” weeks that every team has. A “bye” week is basically a week off, that every team gets throughout the treacherous season of sixteen regular season games. “Bye” weeks are necessary in the NFL because it is such a physically demanding sport. Being a “Fantasy Football” team owner can become very time consuming due to the fact that an owner doesn’t want to make the mistake of starting a player who happens to be injured, or starting a player who happens to have a “bye” that week. If an owner happens to start an injured player who isn’t playing that week, or if that player is playing, but is not expected to be as productive due to a nagging injury, it can ultimately result in a loss for